“The Purple Butterfly II”

(in honor of those who struggle, in loving memory of Lisa & Maureen)

Early this morning I saw her,

her fluttered wings

caught my eye,

it was a day I knew very well,

another day I wanted to die.

Lying crumpled on my pillow,

muscles gripped, blood so hot,

her orchid hue approached me,

a tiny, little dot.

Soon, I felt a pulsing,

it encompassed every cell,

her flecks of gold and lavender

made we want to yell.

I pulled up the covers,

digging deeper in my bed,

then I felt her lashes tickling

 my forehead.

Her touch was first

a whisper,

my bones so

 taut and tight,

then I felt her wings

enfolding me in light.

And so, the dance began,

rocking side by side,

 she came and came again

and came again,

she wouldn’t let me hide.

I thought I must be dreaming,

there was no way this could be.

This delicate,

purple butterfly

has set



~February 8, 1:08am

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