By: Deb Bradt, RYT

If my love was a liquid,

I would pour it into your body,

let it saturate you

cells, muscles, organs

 and bones.

I would send it to the parts of you

that hurt the most.

Bathe them in a salve,

A soothing balm. 

If my love was oxygen,

I would beg you

to take a breath.

And then another, until your lungs


and widened

and you danced across the sky.

If my love was food,

I would fill it with nourishment.

It would be so sweet and tasty,

It would melt into you,

Until you had no choice, but to smile.

Maybe you don’t feel it yet.

Close your eyes.

It’s here.

The cup is on the nightstand.

It’s filled with everything you need,

Now, go ahead, take a drink.

February 2, 2020 6:14am (end of writing, my son’s birthday)

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