“Dear Mary”

By: Deb Bradt

(For: Dr. Mary E. Weems, my favorite writing teacher)

I can only imagine

how your heart

must have broken open

the day you were struck by tragedy.

I can only imagine

that you may have some

unshed tears

and maybe even regrets,

I wish I could wipe them away.

I can only imagine

when you see a girl that

has the essence of your beauty

It might make your bones ache.

Dear Mary, if I could I would

fasten back together all the

lost pieces of your life

for there is no one

in this world I can think of that


to feel a blanketing of love,

to have dreams fulfilled,

to be bathed in constellations,

no one that deserves a life

of inexplicable joy

more than you.

Dear Mary,

You are a teacher who finds

a spark amidst the

rubble of


I can only imagine

you may not always see

the gifts you bring

every day

just by standing in front of me,

just from your kind eyes,

just by being you.

-February 20, 2020 12:13am

(after Dr. Mary Weems’ “I Love You” writing workshop, South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library, in gratitude)

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