“A Prayer of Forgiveness”

All things are as they are today
And yesterday is now behind us.

The cock crowed this morning at 3am.
I answered her.

She was peeking up behind an evergreen tree and then quickly fluttered away.
Then she morphed into a dragonfly.

Her right wing, clipped and dissipating…

Then she felt a breeze from the heavens
And the quiver of Mother Earth,
Her arms, warm and inviting-
Her soil, plush and pure.

All things are as they are today.
And yesterday is now behind us.

Down on my knees, feeling the hush of Jesus inside my heart
The tears of my soul poured through.

I answered her.

She was shining a light at the flecks of brown in my eyes.
She was showing me the locks of tendrilled curls
Cascaded over my weary shoulders,
Heavy with the burden of the past.

Soon, a twinkle of sunlight glimmers it’s morning song upon me.
I gaze in the mirror at my face.

Tired, with bagged and swollen eyes.
Lips dry and crackling.

When I catch a glance of my face,
I see someone very familiar but not me.

Her hair is a similar color.
Her face glowing and bright.

Different than mine, yet the same.

Soon, I felt a flutter.
I thought it might a valve issue with my heart.

Was I having chest pains?
Should I get to the hospital?

My body started trembling,

Crumbling down.
Or so it seemed.

Then a hush filled my ears.
I even felt my brain quiet.
As an inhale entered my nostrils….my lungs slowly filling the hardened spaces of years past.
Soft earth became firmer and more palatable beneath my tired, curled toes.

I gazed again at my reflection.
Heard the cock crow again.

This time the song so lyrical and sweet.

I saw myself.
I saw my Mother in my own eyes.

We hugged together this morning in the mirror.

And, as I turned to walk away, I saw a squirrel dancing up the wild oaks in my backyard.
There was a fresh gust of air penetrating the wilderness.

And, so, mother and daughter cradled one another into the sunset.

A new day has begun.
~ May 20, 2020 8:44am

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