“The Purple Butterfly III”

October 26, 2020 7:18pm

Listless and broken.
Torn apart.
Unfettered longings
Clenching my heart.

My whimpering wings
Collapse down with the tide.
Nowhere to run,
Or to crawl
Or to hide.

Feet stuck deep down
In murky, thick sand
Waiting for someone to
Reach out their hand.

Wanting to shrivel and
Just disappear.
Cocooning myself,
Bracing from fear.

Rolling up into a
Little ball.
Hunching and crumbling,

So very small.

Then the waft of a
Fresh, clean breeze,
Soaks into my skin
And swollen, bruised knees.

A golden haze of the sun
Wraps me up tight,
My blood starts to warm
As the sky becomes bright.

Each pore comes alive
As my lungs expand.
I fall to my knees,
with no place to land.

My hands clasped together,
the breath starts to flow,
arms float and spread,
quiet and slow.

The sky dances purple
And orange and blue,
My wings, they open,

I start anew.

One by one,
Parts of me fall away
Beckoning in this
Fresh, tender day.

The womb, it softens,
I stand and reach high,

It’s finally time for me to fly.

~Deborah Hallal Bradt, RYT

Om Shanti Blessings,

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