“The Bluebird’s Song”

Today, I saw a bluebird 

her wings spread wide and high,

she looked so sweet and delicate

it made me want to cry.

She danced upon the

autumn leaves,

spotting the oranges blue.

She spread her cheer

amongst fog and rain,

a joy I never knew.

She flew so high, so wide and free,

She never faltered or weakened~

She crested even the tallest oaks

yet her Light but only deepened.

Today, I saw a bluebird,

when all things seemed so lost,

When hearts were aching

And bones so tired

It seemed like an endless frost.

Yet there she flew

And flew some more

Upon cries and fears,

She began to soar ~

Thank you, Sweet Bird,

For your oceanic love,

For your long and soothing embrace.

Thank you, Sweet Bird,

For birthing me,

A song that will never erase.

During a winter storm & full moon,

 November 12th 2019

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