“I Believe in Rainbows”

-by: Deb Bradt, RYT

in gratitude for the Sunrise Unit, Highland Springs Hospital, October 2020

I believe in rainbows,

and the stars that smile

as night falls

and the moon that caresses

The sullen October skies.

I believe in rainbows,

in the midst of agony

when my bones ache

and muscles squeeze,

a harness encompassing

my humanity.

I still believe in rainbows,

radiant colors ever-flowing

after storms in winter,

Majestic indigos and purples,

Violets cascading across the sky,

                                                               As if dancing cheek to cheek.

Crimson, orange hues

catching morning dew

along with the butterflies

thirsting on their favorite blooms,

a nectar-filled delight

Amber yellows

that birth a halo upon

cumulus clouds

and torrential rains,

painting angel wings.

And then there’s the blue,

Bold yet delicate

Turquoise-aqua, like the color

Of fresh pool water

Or the ocean at dawn.

Soon the arrival jade green

above barren trees

hollowed soil,

effervescent emeralds,

illumined and brave.

I believe in Rainbows

as I gaze now into thunderstorms

and heavy winds and fallen snow

and icicles,

As my knees melt into soft earth

And my weary eyes

Gaze upwards.

There is a glimmer in the sky~

It is there, I can sense it,

The rainbows are here,

They are floating into me.

The Bliss of the unknown

It wraps me like a Present,

Blanketing me, cozy and warm.

Thank you, rainbows,

Thank you

For cradling

and cloaking me,

for swaddling the darkness,

for your effervescent tenderness,

for your magic and your light,

for Being right here,

amidst it all,

for always believing in Me.

~ October 30, 2019 at dawn

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