“I Can Paint a Day”

By: Deb Bradt, RYT

I can paint a day with hues of gold, violet

And the crispness of the winter dawn

Where I fall into the crevices of comfort

The sound of my son, laughing

The wind humming through dormant trees

Tingling in the tips of my toes

And a rhythmic heartbeat

Steady and pure.

I can paint a moment within the landscape

Of this pain

The burning, grip, shearing and tearing

The skin raw and weary

I hear her cries for tenderness

I feel her ache for breath

And I support her and let her widen

Soften, expand

And then contract again

I wipe her tears as she struggles

I cocoon her in light.

I can paint a path

Winding and curious

With pebbles and stones

With softness

And cement

As I skip and dance

Swaying with the turns

Floating with the soft sun

And sparkling aqua sky

The sound of my feet

Like the rhythm of a drum

Ever-flowing force

Will and delight.

I can paint away

all that pressed against my Truth

and diminished my words,

and the scars and the wounds,

all the fears and the fighting,

The pushing and pounding.

Today I paint anew

I wait and I wonder,

curl into the unknown

And let my colors fly.

Valentine’s Day 2014

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